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Showcase Your Event With Drone Photography
It can be stressful when getting a group of friends, coworkers, or family together for an event to "get the shot". Equinox Visual can help take the stress off with our professional photo/videography team. Using our top-notch equipment, we can capture the entire experience on film. From the moment the guests arrive, through all included activities, we'll make sure you receive the highest quality photos and videos to capture all the best moments.  
POP shot_edited.jpg

Hire a professional for your corporate event

Have an upcoming scheduled event with your team or to meet new partners/customers? Imagine the impact of having a professional team to capture/document everything! Your crew, former clients or new inquiries will love to see themselves and their friends/coworkers in promotional videos that we can send directly to you or your marketing team. 

Aerial Photography/Videography for casual events

Surprise your friends with a professionally edited and created highlight reel of your events! Our photo/videographers have a great eye for detail and aesthetics but will work with you to ensure we capture your vision the way you want. 

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Get in Touch

Considering aerial drone photography or videography? 

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